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Originally Posted by Chokechain View Post
One question that really has been on my mind...and other opinions.

First off, why do members of one faith criticize members of another? How can we know for sure that our faith is right?

I think that every major religion in the world holds a piece of the truth. If they all started acting in the manner they say they should, then maybe we could find the real truth.

I don't believe in the traditional fire and brimstone hell, though. I believe that if you die and your not worthy of God and the light, your soul stays here on Earth.

When you consider how the issues between the Pope statement directed towards Islam and how the reaction was violence, you need to bare in mind the statement will have been offensive to Muslims and thus a reaction is bound to happen.

When it comes to the Islam world's anger at the Pope's statements, here's what I have to say:

1) The Pope quoted the writing that stated the Islam is violent and evil.
2) The Islam responds how? By violence!


What do you believe and why do you believe it?
First of all I think that the poll in this topic is a bad one, for example missing out Islam the worlds 2nd largest religion and Judaism another religion that is in the light a lot.

My own personal beliefs would be classed as Agnostic at the moment.

When thinking why do religions criticise other, you have to consider each religion thinks that it is the right one, therefore following another religion is against them, deemed a sin etc. Therefore they will challenge, slur, offended members of another faith.

When you look at the example in the first post about the The Pope statement and the reaction from some Muslims you need to bare in mind, to followers of Islam the Popes statements were offensive, therefore you can expect a reaction.



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