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Default Electric & Torn

Electric and Torn

I’m electric and torn, and I am not whole.

See the sun - a light bulb.
And the ocean - a bathtub full of water.
I feel like taking that light bulb
and putting it in that bathtub
and falling asleep in the water.

I’m electric and torn,
Broken so far
I need something but I am not getting it
My core is cracked,
Foundation is crumbling
I can no longer sing my soul
My spirit hurts
I’m electric and torn.

Is it sick or wrong?
Is this the worse thing to do when I feel like giving up?

I am broken,
you wouldn’t guess it if you saw me.
All the smiles and the cheer, the happy and the loud.
I bet you couldn’t guess
I’m not worth it in the end.

I’m electric and torn.
^ made by AtlantaWonder ^

She can\'t remember a time when she felt needed
If love was red then she was color blind
leave me be, while i rot and die, in the corner, under the blanket that you gave me when you lied and told me i ment something
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