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Originally Posted by nwshc
Reliability and ease of use
ease of use, yeah

reliability, no, ive had many BSOD's on this windows install and i take many more precautions than the average user. with linux you have to open up a terminal sometimes and run some commands but its the same with windows.

kiros, you dont seem to know much about linux as linux runs c++ also, its just compiled differently

You say that linux is invading Windows, even though you found an emulator that's made so windows can run on linux???
i never said that, i said WINE lets you run windows APPS on linux

i seriously doubt linux is less secure than windows for the pure fact that i can run a virus scan after going who knows where on the internet and it will find less than windows if any at all

if you want your computer to run slow from viruses, get windows

if you want your identity stolen from spyware, get windows

another thing, some distros of linux can run perfectly on a flash drive
can windows? no, and it never will

All is fair in love and war.
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