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Originally Posted by nwshc
Everyone is different, and everyone has sertain strenghs and weaknesses!
So don't you start bashing anyone for that.
I agree
and I never said that that isnt true
What I said is that teasing, bullying, bashing, fighting etc...
I ALWAYS will happen
and its gonna do nothing but get worse
So he needs to learn to deal with it befor it kills him

Originally Posted by nwshc
Austin has gone through a lot of shit. Granted you have too Cody, but guess what? HES NOT YOU!
I never said he hasent gone through allot of shit
EVERY teenager has gone through sum tough fucking shit
Its an inevitability of growing up
Pain is relative, its judged on past experiances

Originally Posted by nwshc
Just because you have turned out better in terms of stability, does not mean he has to, too!
Dude ask Cyrus
I'm anything but stable

Originally Posted by nwshc
Not everyone handles everything like you do Cody. Not everyone bounces back like you do Cody.
So don't expect them to, and certainly do not say "DEAL" with hurtful shit said to them. Some people can't deal.
EVERYBODY is diffrent I KNOW
and I do not "bounce" back
It happened! Shit happens! its part of life
You either use it, Harnes it! or you burry it so deep down that it will NEVER see the light of day again!
Personally I USE IT
That and allot of loud music to drowned out the voices in my head and personally
i'm good
I realise austins diffrent
But he has to solve it sooner or later
Because every second that he dosent
He loses more
He misses out on so much
your only young once

Originally Posted by nwshc
And everyone knows you have been beaten and attempted suicide, so we don't need reminders.
Everybody knows whats happened to Ausitn
I'm not trying to remind him i'm trying to snap him out of his self pitty complex

Originally Posted by nwshc
Saying you have been beaten and attempted suicide and have bounced back from that, DOES NOT make you the bigger man over Austin.
I'm not trying to be a "bigger man" over Austin
I'm not trying to do that with anyone

The strength of a man can only truly be tested in his most dire of hours
How he acts
the decisions he makes
Show whom he truly is
His courage, wisdom, and compasion
Now if you ask me
Austins more then proven himself!

and now its time for him to "deal" with his problems
Weither he does that on his own
or seeks help is up to him

Personally I could never deal with any of my crap alone
I've used friends, psyciatrists, teachers, siblings, drugs and strangers
and I am FAR from better
but i'm trying
I'm older then Austin, I have a good 4yrs on him
The majority of my severe shit happened when I was little
So i've had allot of time to fight it and deal
Hell its only within the last few months that i've started to feel again

Nick telling austin that its okay for him to wander around depressed and feeling like shit is okay and that thats the best he can do is insulting him
Austin is allot stronger then you give him credit for
If you want to help him
Then be there to support him
Dont tell him hes weak and that its okay
Hes NOT weak
stop treating him like he is

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