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Now your right I do get mad at Cyrus and he gets mad at me,
you know what
We get over it
He's my best friend
no lil squable is gonna change that

Originally Posted by Void
Cody has been mad at me many times. Believe it or not Cody being mad at me really hurts. Mental scars are WAY worse. Take that from someone who has been beaten for many years.

Your right I have been pissed at you many times
I love getting mad, for years I never felt anything
Now I can feel anger and I fuckin love it!!!
You don't want me to be pissed at you
Then don't piss me off

add to that the fact that i've been ganged up on allot recently on VT
hell even Josh had a go at me
The rest of the crap i've got going on
and my patience right now
is wearin a lil thin

like your the only one thats had the shit beatten outta them
If me typing a stern paragraph at you leaves "mental scars"
then your in allot of trouble beacuse the real world is a hell of allot worse

and if you've attempted suicide anytime soon
you'd still be in the hospital
I know
Cause I tried
I know
because I have friends that have tried

besides you seem way to cheerful about it

"Nick, your the best!
Cyrus, go stick a stick up your ass. I infact DID attempt suicide!

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