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Default Re: Can OCD go away?

Jake, I think you might be misusing some clinical terms here. Worrying doesn't mean you have OCD, and 'obsessing' is a loose term, you mean you get preoccupied? That's different than true obsessional thought. For one thing, obsessions are irrational, they're usually not based on some event or some reasonable conclusion. And, they're really debilitating. Not just uncomfortable, but they really shut you down, it's like you cannot do anything but think about the obsessional ideas, they block every other thought out.

People know when they've got this b/c it just shuts them down. You don't sound like that (fortunately). You mgiht have a problem controlling yuor anxiety, but that's not OCD. if you cannot work on other ways to address your anxiety, then tell your folks and let them work with you to find other solutions.
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