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Originally Posted by Kid
linux wants windows? wtf? that doesnt make sense

i gave multiple reasons why linux is better than windows

give me your reasons that windows is better than linux
You gave two, supposedly, didn't you?

You say that linux is invading Windows, even though you found an emulator that's made so windows can run on linux??? lol And do you actually know why you need to restart Windows after some installations? It's because they replace or modify system files and so it asks you to restart for system stability. Obviously, linux doesn't have driver updates that much. And I'm pretty sure that Windows is still (and will always) dominate over linsux. After all, look at the solid reasons: very user-friendly interface, compatible with more than 90% of all the applications being made, amazing flexibility for services, programs, drivers, and devices, and more secure than linux - seen as how it's closed source, rather than open. Heh, it even has it's own emu for linux-lovers that don't want to admit they need Windows

And also, Windows runs native code (C++), so it's truely awesome.
Thanks for bringing this urgent topic up, kid!

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