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ok kids, lemme tell y'all somethin'! I've had ADHD all my life, ok. let me tell you common disorders/other stuff that can sometimes come as package deals with add/adhd. For example- I have ADHD, depression, acute anxiety/stress, I'm OCD, aneorexic, a perfectionist, and a "mild" cutter.

for one thing, depression is very, very common amoung both youngsters, adolescents, and adults with add/adhd.

another thing-anxiety disorder


Low self-esteem

hyper-activity and/or difficulty focusing, etc.

and many others.

random fact about add/adhd:

95% of all people have some form of add/adhd- 90% of those people have no idea they have it

feel better now?

oh, and did i mention that add/adhd kids are often incredibly gifted/intelligent?
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