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Originally Posted by *}Whisper{*
Ummm dude if you think your mum cant make your life utter hell and force you to stop
your a fool

Its irrisposible because its a disgusting fucking habit thats EXTREMLY bad for your health.

Oh yea EVERY SINGLE SMOKE for the rest of his life will ALL be outside and AWAY from anyone? I highly dout that
What he'll turn into one of those assholes that sits right outside a building at the main entrace so anyone that wants to go into the building has to like hold there breath.
That of couse is only legal in sum cities
Allot of Cities in western canada atleast are smoke free

heck the entire province of alberta will be smoke free in any public area that a minor has access to
Inside or out January 1st


For his sake
I hope his mum finds out
and makes him stop
my mom wouldnt make me life utter hell. she knows that i smoke occasionally but she respects what i want to do with my life. anyway your mom cant make choices for you. its up to you.
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