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Originally Posted by koler
Originally Posted by <-Dying_to_Live->
so in other words nick is being more mean by throwing rocks than i am for calling a liar a liar? good
I think you saying such things to austin was sick, and tossing rocks at kids isnt sick. so no, mental much worse, austin was vunerable, and you took advantage to make you look better at him, not a nice thing. neither ajustifialb.e
dude get real.
its over the internet
anyone who gets hurt by somethign said by a random stranger over the internet is one dumb fuck

throwing rocks at a kid is worse then sayign ANYTHING over the internet
saying shit over the internet. just. doesnt.count

i really pity peopel who are so foolish they think this is all realityand it matters what is said or something...

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18. Come back when you stop failing.
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