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i know this is very odd question, but i really need to know. Although i am a NON-gay guy, i was curious what it might feel like to have something in my butt [told you this was odd O.o] anyways, i gota pen and tried that out, but the pen had a part on the end that was kinda rough. when i pulled it out, it had a tab of blood on it. I searched it up on the internet because it scared the crap outa of me [almost] and from what i found. i might have torn a part of the skin of the rectum. What happened was, i pulled it out and there was a tab of blood, not really special dirty blood just, like a few drops or less of blood. From what i found out. if it was painfull or something, i could have cancer, or hemerods [or somethign liek that] and all this other stuff. but it wasnt a lot of blood, and i didnt even notice. what i think i did is, with that rough part of the pen, might have torn a small piece of rectal skin off. because i read somewhere about hard diareaha or rough objects being in the butt could cause a skin tare. it didnt bleed or anything, i just saw that bit of blood, and when i wiped my butt there was some blood, but it was like pink almost because it was so light, then i wiped again, then nothing. will i be okay, or is this something i might have to embarrass myself with at the doctors?