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Originally Posted by Mute
i like shakespere
not the best playwrite
but he was very good,
and maybe the best of his time.

Originally Posted by redcar
1. he uses fucked up english. e.g. Thou, nature, art my goddess; to thy law, My services are bound.

2. we are forced to learn it.

3. did i mention he uses fucked up english.

4. it has no relavance to modern day english.
1. He neveruses fucked up english
english today wouldnt exsist without old english

2. nobodys forcign you to learn anything, you can sit back and daydream in class if you chose, you dotn have to learn it, its a choice. personally i think its foolish if you chose nto to learn shakespeare

3. no he didnt

4. see 1
sorry for my rant on shakespeare, i always hate him when i have to learn his stuff. when i say forced to learn it i know i dont have to, but i want to do well in school and get a good result at the end of this year, so i have to do it.

but however his plays are good, wat gets on my nerves their so hard to understand in parts.

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