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I'd tell you to stop everything all together but all I do is cut and I can't be honest...I don't want to
It works for me

What you have to do is ask yourself is which of the 4 is the "lesser evil" so to speak
and focus on stoping the rest
when your finnished with them
Turn your attention to the last one
and stop it

Weither you tackle the one you belive to be the most dangerous
Or the one you've been doing for the shortest amount of time
Or the one thats the easiest
Or whatever
It's up to you

Weither you want to stop any period is up to you
You have to take a look around
Think of Laura, your family, your friends, your dreams, your future
and decide if there worth fighting for or not

In the end
No matter what anybody says or trys to do
Its up to you


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