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The term 'popping your cherry' is usually used to refer to the first time someone has sex. Because as David (died.flame) said your hymen can be broken (if it has not been already) or "popped".

Originally Posted by Chris8
a clitoris is part of the vagina
its the same thing.
Actually, the clitoris and vagina are very different. The clitoris "is a 'bud-like' formation found where the inner lips of the vagina meet" whereas, the vagina is below it, and it "is a hole/passage that leads from the opening of the vulva up to the cervix".
If you arent sure, just do a search on google and im sure youll find plenty of diagrams that will help clarify .

Originally Posted by punky_monkey180
and does a vaginal orgasm feel different than a clitoris orgasm
The difference between a clitoral and vaginal orgasm is where you are being stimulated to achieve the orgasm, not where you feel it. An orgasm is a really individual thing. So whatever feels good for you, go with it

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