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Exclamation Do I have an OCD?

Hi there,

For as long as I can recall in my life I have always had to have things symmetrical and perfect otherwise it will constantly annoy or agitate me. For example, at school on a whiteboard when the teachers rub off the pen to clean it, if they leave even one little dot of pen left on the board it would distract me from my work and end up making me very angry. Every day I have to go around my room and line up everything perfectly so it doesn't annoy me. If there is a fingerprint on my T.V. I will have to get a cloth and clean it off before I can watch it. If my deodorant lid is not screwed on it will annoy me. When I write be it on the forums or on paper I cannot let my self write an 'I' without making it a capital. If I rub an object say 6 times clockwise, I will then have to rub it 6 ways anti-clockwise... Do you think this could be an OCD?

Thanks for taking time to read this,


Feel free to PM me if you have any problems or just want to talk!

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