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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

I'm not very good with jokes, i prefer situational comedy, anyways:

Pat is 17 and spends all weekend at his girlfriend's house while her parents are away. The two lustful teens, um, "get to know one another" over the weekend. That Monday, Pat's conscience is bothering him, and he asks his friend Damien what he should do. Damien tells Pat to go to confession, which Pat does. After the usually formalities, Pat says, "Father, forgive me, I have fornicated with a girl from the village." The Father, being very old-fashioned and rude, proceeded to interrogate Pat to find out who the other offending party was. "Was it that wicked Maura Fahey?" "It was not" replied Pat. "What about that Lucy O'Neill? She looks like a woman of the streets!" "Ah now, Father, you're way off!" said Pat. "Well it was that slaggish Teresa McCarthy wasn't it then?" bellowed the priest. Pat replied, "No Father, it was none of those. And it's none of your business who it was! Good day to ye!" When Pat walked out, Damien was quick to question him. "Did you tell him who it was?" "No, no." replied Pat. "But I've got some excellent prospects for this weekend!"

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