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Originally Posted by Euphoria View Post
I want to quote that part right there. Think about it you say we can't say something is real because we believe in it, but what about gravity?

Can you see it?


Can you touch it with your hands?


Can you use any of your other senses to have reasoning that gravity exists?


So how do you know it's real?

Because you feel it right?

Well that's exactly how people think about god. They feel him inside themselves that's how they know he's real.
You can know Gravity exists by doing a simple experiment. Pick something up, and let go. If it falls, boom, that's Gravity. You don't need to do it privately, either, oh no- You can drop things in front of people and they too can see Gravity at work.

Sad to say, there isn't such a simple experiment you can do to prove the presence of a God.
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