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Originally Posted by nwshc
Originally Posted by <-Dying_to_Live->
i dont think he broke any law.
To my knowlege, he didn't get ANY warrents at all.
if i had to have every single phone call i ever made recorded in some database, if i couldnt steal music anymore because i knew that all internet traffic going through my house was monitored by the government, if i couldnt ever speed because there were cameras at every stoplight, if i had to scan a fingerprint to go into any public building, SO BE IT in the name of fighting terrorism
Ya, my ass. You really don't believe all that bs do you?
So you wouldn't mind them seeing every keystoke on your keyboard? You wouldn't mind them looking at all the porn sites you go to? You wouldn't mind them listening in on your phone converstations with your grandmother, or anyone?
You would feel as violated as hell. You wouldn't want some shmuck seeing everything.

i absolutely would not feel violated at all, and if i could sign that away just to prove a point that ur wrong about me--i would
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