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Default i feel...

i am so down all the time.
i cant stop sleeping all the time.
i am becoming increasingly introverted, and yet i dont understand why i feel lonely all the time.
i keep doing the wrong things at the worst times.

i am effing depressed and it just hurts.
it hurts to get out of bed.
it hurts to take that first step towards anything else(and all the steps after that)
just the simplest exertions of energy hurt - they weaken my soul.

i cannot keep living this way. this is not living at all, i am just existing. idk how to help myself anymore. i try all the suggestions i get from ppl and they do nothing. i try my own ideas and all i get is deeper into this hole.

there's really no point to this other than just getting it out...telling ppl about it, real ppl not just my journal, really helps, for the moment atleast.

thanks for not skipping over this long assortment of thoughts...any comments would do a great amount of good.

love you all

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