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Originally Posted by bob4104 View Post
Hello. I'm 13, almost 14, and I don't feel sexual plessure when I masturbate. I only started about two months ago, but it doesn't feel good. I guess the only reason I do it is because I keep hoping something will happen. No matter what I do, it doesn't even feel different than, say, rubbing a toe. And I don't think it's a maturity problem because many people say they've masturbated when they were young and it at least felt good. I don't know what, if anything, is wrong. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

Edit: I just found out that when I rub the head it's almost unbearably intense. But I still can't feel ANYTHING when I do it the traditional way. Also, I don't know if I would describe it as feeling good...
I know what you mean, and my guess is that your method is most likely the culprit here. My suggestion is to visit and work through some of the methods on there to see if they will help you. Also, when you masturbate make sure you are aroused. You can't just lay down on your bed when you are free and start stroking just expecting things to happen. You need to be in the mood in order for masturbation to feel good. Basically, you need to think about things that make you horny so that masturbating feels all right.

Keep in mind that masturbating definitely falls into the optional category, and you don't have to masturbate to be a man or developed. If masturbating is not your thing right now, then I suggest you just do other things. My guess is that your sex drive just has not kicked in, yet, and that is normal. Just wait until you become more interested in girls or guys (depending on your orientation), and your body will tell you what to do. Keep in mind that there are guys as old as 14/15 who did not start masturbating, and if you don't masturbate now, then you are fine as you are still young.
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