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Originally Posted by Heavenly View Post
Sorry, I made it unclear! Thank you for this Sometimes I also masturbate when my friends and I watch gay porn, so it doesn't mean that I'm gay, and it means that it doesn't depend on who you're watching, but what you're watching? Sorry
One does not become gay by watching one type of porn or another, and sexuality is something more than simply being aroused by one sex or another. Basically, if you see someone of the same sex and want to have an emotional AND physical relationship with him, then there is a chance you could be gay. If you find both females and males equally attractive, then you could be bi-sexual. If you find the male body intriguing but could only see yourself being involved with a girl, then you are most likely straight. At 13 you are going to be aroused by anything, and don't read too much into your reaction to gay porn. My guess is that you have never seen anything like porn before, and the reality is that you are going to get aroused by most anything sexual even if it is gay. You are getting a flood of new feelings and emotions, and things are going to be confusing. At 13 it is way too early to determine your sexuality, and don't read too much into things. Especially since you just started ejaculating days ago you are just starting out in puberty, and you have 4-5 of development both mentally and physically ahead of you.

Finally, if you do turn out to be gay, then it is not because of your having watched gay porn. Sexuality is programmed within us, and when we hit puberty our sexuality becomes apparent. Don't confuse being in awe of a developed, adult male with having same sex feelings. When all of us started out in puberty we looked at folks older than us as we suddenly wanted to know what was in store for us. My guess is that you could be more intrigued as to how an adult male looks like as opposed to actually wanting to have sex with one. Also, the whole idea of sex between the same sex might be a new concept for you, and you might just be watching such porn out of curiousity.

Originally Posted by ufo3000 View Post
From your answer, i presume you are cut ... there is a string that hold the foreskin attached (in a way) to the head .. it is called the frenulum i think .. correct me if there is a spelling mistake ... you can do some streching exercises man =)
Yes, I am circumcised. Thank you for the clarification, and I read the OP's post too literally as I thought he was asking if porn actors used actual string to retract their foreskins. Your answer no doubt clears up the situation, and the frenulum clearly is the "string" to which the OP is referring. I agree that stretching exercises, especially in a warm shower, is the best way to go. Again, if things are not retracting, then a visit to the doctor should help you out.
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