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Default Re: Am I Gay?... Opinions wanted.

Did you guys read the same post I did?

No, your not gay. Gay people find people of the same sex attractive. You find people of the oppoiste sex attractive. Henceforth, you are not gay. You might think that maybe you might be gay because you never conciderd that you were gay because of the persectuion? Well that is just roses, that doesn't mean that you are just not gay just because your mind knew in it's heart that it would be rejected, but come on?! I would be rejected by my familiy if I liked to rape little children, but because I don't think about it, I think it is nasty and I know I would be rejected for it, it means that I might be? NO.

If you are a guy and like woman, your str8t. Your homo-phobness needs to change though.. Not caring much for that.

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