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Originally Posted by ivar669 View Post
Hi, i'm 15 years old now. I have a question:
I have seen penises on the internet, where they can pull the whole foreskin back when erected. I can't, i think. It's a string or something that "holds" on that does that I can't pull it back as much as those i've seen on the internet. What is this string?
There is no string that pulls back those mens' foreskin, and the foreskin retracts normally. If you cannot fully retract your foreskin, then try some stretching exercises over time to gradually retract your foreskin. If you are not making any progress or if your foreskin is super tight, then see a doctor as your condition is quite common and is easily fixed in a lot of cases with a steroidal cream.

Originally Posted by Heavenly View Post
Hello, I'm new here. I just turned 13 last month and would like to ask a question about masturbation,

I am an avid TV viewer and sometimes a love scene is shown and naturally I masturbate, but don't ejaculate.

Then today I was playing an online game when I saw our neighbor next door watching a gay movie. I have just taken a bath and I was still naked (and alone) and I suddenly saw fluid coming out of my penis. Is this okay?

But at some point I was satisfied because I had my second puberty development, after body change
I am kind of confused on what your question is in light of your last sentence. Are you questioning on what came out of your penis when you were in the tub, or are you saying that you are happy that you had your first ejaculation based upon your last sentence above? If you have a question about what came out of your penis, then a reasonable guess is that you indeed have your first ejaculation. If your question is whether it is all right to have ejaculated thinking about gay men, then there is no problem with that. All because you ejaculated to gay porn doesn't necessarily mean that you are gay. You may admire the features of more developed men. To be gay one would have to want to be in both a sexual and mental relationship with someon of the same sex. Having thoughts about the same sex is not enough to make one gay.
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