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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Hey guys, im a late bloomer and didn't wank alot because i knew that nothing was gonna result and it didn't really feel that good..
Sometimes i tried so hard and nothing happened and my penis the next day would become all bloated and sore.
Im 16 and a couple of days ago i decided to give it a good crack and had a pic of a sexy babe, and finally cum, the feeling was great. But again the next day my penis was bloated, and sore. Give it a day and a half and it was normal and i cummed again so i think i can get myself there all the time now, but what's with the damn bloating, i can't really masterbate a couple times ina day period because whenever i wake up the next day it's bloated and sore, which doesn't make me get aroused at all and it hurts..
Could i be wanking to hard or is there some other reason?
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