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okay.....what i do is copy the movie file onto the computer and convert it to an .avi file around 700mb in size, then save it onto an external hard drive....great for watching without dvd discs i do it:

Download a program called dvd decrypter. Go into the tab MODE>IFO
Choose a place to save the movie and click start....the movie will be about 4.7GB in size.
Download a program called AutoGK (Auto Gordian Knot) and open up the movie file you just saved to computer. you can now choose EXACTLY how big you want the file to be (i recommend around 1GB for great quality...but 700mb is good enough to watch it on ur pc) Click start.

**NOTE** Auto gordian knot can take 2-4 hours to do one movie...but you can set it to shut down automatically after its done (good to set b4 school, work, bed)

**NOTE** Both programs DVD Decrypter and AutoGK are free programs

**NOTE** Ripping or burning dvd's does not do any damage to the original disc at all.

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