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Originally Posted by Dankelley312 View Post
I'm 13 and I am one of the shortest kids in my grade ... 4"9. My penis is only 2 1/2 inch Erect. I know this isn't normal because most of my friends are a lot bigger. Also I have been trying to masturbate and I get the orgasm part and it feels like I'm about to ejaculate but nothing comes out and my penis starts to hurt for a few sec. And it instantly goes soft. Can I have help on things ... Thanks.
All because you are one of the smaller people in your class doesn't mean that you are abnormal. Many, many 13 year olds are small like you, and you are hardly unique in that respect. I have noticed that kids like you who are tiny at your age really bulk up and get big and tall later on. At 13 you are still at the beginning of puberty, and my guess is that you have not started puberty which is fine. Boys start puberty anywhere from 10-15, and you have plenty of time. If this means anything, then at least you don't have the pain of body maintenance that we more developed guys have. You will be fine, and just eat right (, stay away from drugs and alcohol, and avoid smoking.

As or your masturbation, my thinking is that puberty really has not kicked in for you, yet, and perhaps masturbating is not really enjoyable for you. My suggestion is to not to masturbate everyday (if you do so), and only masturbate when you are really aroused. Also, if you are cut, then use some kind of lube when you masturbate. Don't focus on the orgasm or whether or not you can ejaculate; just enjoy the feelings, and you will be fine.

As for the hurting sensation, can you describe what happens when you go through your routine? Sometimes if you are pumping really hard, then you might want to loosen up. You should visit as it is an exhaustive website that can offer guidance on most, if not all, masturbation problems.
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