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Default Freakin Popups - Blockers That Work!

Popups are little windows that interrupt u in the middle of your web surfing - they try to lure you to buy something that isn't worth the money - and these always get annoying... So I have a few programs and some advice to give that will help block popups!

-Free Popup Blockers that Work!-

+Google Toolbar comes with a popup blocker, and it works WELL! It also is very convenient because the world's best search engine is always only a click away! Even better: it has an auto-fill feature that fills in forms for u with information that u put into it I personally recommend this over any other popup blocker!

-Click here to download the Google Toolbar-

+MSN Toolbar is basically the Google Toolbar except without as many features built in. Though if u use MSN Messenger and Hotmail, then this toolbar is great because it has quick access to them! The bad thing about this toolbar is that it installs its updater, which is normally a good thing, but the updater is a slight resource hog...

-Click here to download the MSN Toolbar-

+Yahoo! Toolbar is a toolbar with a popup blocker that I hear is affective! It also has quick access to your Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Mail. I haven't used this one yet but I'm sure it's great if you are a Yahoo! kinda guy/gal!

-Click here to download the Yahoo! Toolbar-

-Extra Helping Hand-
Those of you that use Windows XP will be glad to know there is a popup blocker built in! This is ONLY for Service Pack 2! Though if you have an internet connection and Windows XP, then do a windows update (can be found in "start >> Program Files". As soon as you install it, the Internet Explorer popup blocker is installed! If you already have it installed but don't know if it's working or need to change the strength level of the popup blocker, then all the options can be found in the 'Internet Options...' found under the Tools tab in IE.

-Suggestions and Advice-
-I have said it once and I'll say it again: Naughty sites for like porn or warez or illegal things usually give out the most popups and try to send u threats, so just be smart and don't go to them!
-If you experience a lot of popups at one particular site, then simply stay away from it!
-There is no good popup! If you think that there is an amazing deal about something and u want it so bad, just keep away. There wouldn't be popups if people didn't try to scam others!
-Don't think that everything is already set to the best configurations! Sit down and configure your Internet Browser options to your likings and in a way that u feel safe from spyware, adware, browser hijackers, and/or bad BHO's. You'll find that the browser may even run faster!!!

Edit 1: Updated content, spelling checked, gave it a friendly name.

Hope I helped someone with this!

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