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literally FLAWLESS
It was not as good as i thought it would be

as for it being ''FLAWLESS'' let's just say it had WAY too many flaws..

first of all, jurrasic park is copyrighted

The chick was runnin around the island forever without shoes and didnt break a tail

the chick's dress showed to be a bit cleaner every other scene

and various small tidbits that i didnt remember .. i was pulling these thigns out while the movie was going . . i dont understand how peter jackson can have this movie '' in his head for all his life '' and make it this crappy . .

' we must go cmon were gunna get fucked up fur real if we dun leave this dam island!''

''ok just shut the fuk up ok some big munkey has her, only one more hour on this fucking island!''

''shit dude this is going to be the fucking longest movie eva!''

''well we need to find the fucking girl so cmon!''
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