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Arrow Advanced Maintenance with Spybot

~Advanced Spybot Search & Destroy Maintenance~

In Spybot Search & Destroy, there is a mode tab at the top, click it and go to advanced mode and click yes on the pop up that comes up. Then on the bottom left there should be some tabs that appear. Go to Settings >> Settings >> Expert Settings (category in window) , and check the two boxes that say "Show expert buttons in ***" (This will allow you to use the select all button which makes things very easy)... then, go to the tab on the left that says Tools (This is a main tab and is not located in Settings). Now on the right there should be some things with check boxes by them, MAKE SURE ALL OF THEM ARE CHECKED! After you check all of them, go to Tools' sub-tab called Resident. Only make sure the first box is check b/c the second one is for the advanced! After that, while still in the Tools tab, go to the ActiveX sub-tab and if any of the objects in the window are marked with yellow or red, select them and remove them permanently!! Next, still under the Tools tab, go to the BHOs sub-tab and if any of the objects are marked with yellow or red, then select them and permanently remove them!!! (ActiveX and BHOs not marked or marked in green are either completely good or just not bad!) Staying under the Tools tab, go to the IE Tweaks sub-tab and check 'lock host files read-only...... ' and 'lock IE start page...... ' (the 3rd one doesn't have to be checked.) Once again, while under the Tools tab, go to the System Startup sub-tab and if any are marked in RED (just red) then select them and delete them! Programs start automatically if they are checked - though do be careful how you configure the startups, some of them are needed by some users to do their normal things!!!!!!!!! The System Internals sub-tab can be very useful, but unless u are an advanced user, please ask me what to do before u remove any thing found in there!!!

Now look all the way up on the left and you should see the tab called Spybot-S&D. Click it and then on the right, click Search for Updates! If there are any, then check all of the boxes there and download them (the download button is located up top.) Now, on the left, click the Immunize button and make sure everything is in the green (its obvious if it isn't and what to do.) Finally, if you downloaded new updates, click Search & Destroy on the left and press Check for problems. If there are any, then select all and fix them (duh.)

That's it for the Advanced controls, options, and maintenances in Spybot Search & Destroy!!!
If problems persist, then I will show the FINAL expert options!

Hope that works out for all of you!

Kiros || Ben

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