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i often like oral better than actuall sex, it can feel way better if u know the other person is enjoying it and legitimately is trying to pleasure you. I always give chicks good oral, but it annoys me that chicks often dont like doin it cos they think it is dirty. It's weird because i reckon dicks are a hell of a lot cleaner than a vagina, as vaginas have heaps of fluids and stuff and they also bleed there - with a dick theres one little hole and when its hard it cuts off any pee, only possible problem could be precum, which is nothing compared to vaginal precum. Girls should get over it and start enjoying giving head, rather than doing it half assed, nothing worse than a chick giving you head and you can tell she isn't enjoying it. Just suck it like its a big lollypop - us guys love getting head, we will do almost anything for a good 10 minute blowjob!
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