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Originally Posted by AC.wAkeBoArDin.06
ok is it the friction thats causing the pain or the feeling of it going in? like take ur finger and push it on the top of ur hand... and push hardand move it around... see how ur skin moves... does it feel like thats happening durring sex or is it like put soap on ur hand and then try doing the same thing with ur finger on ur hand... like it slips not moves the skin no more... if u feel like too much frition... lube should cover that problem... if its not that.... then u might just not like sex haha....

hmm it could be the movement of the skin... all that friction does hurt...ouch. i was scared it will be like that forever

cuz when i first started becoming sexually active i loved it i thought it was great until recently with all that damn pain.
ill try lube....hopefully that'll work
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