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that sounds so... so... sooooo... moving, thomas, though I just hope that you have replacements

AND NO PEOPLE, the GameCube is stronger and more powerful than any other system out there...
The compression used in GameCube games is so puzzling and incredibly small that even though there are PS2 and XBox emulators, there is not one emulator for game cube that can play an entire game correctly (even with loaders, map files, and texture layouts already in memory)

GameCube has superior color and graphics than the PS2 and the XBox, though many people don't beleive that - it is only the texture blending in the GameCube that is lower than the PS2 and XBox and that's why the XBox & PS2 APPEARS to have better graphics than the GamCube. BUT Nintendo only did that so the frame rate would be high (100+ FPS) in every game! --Because PS2 and XBox have far less compression than GameCube games, they can read disks easier and with less processing power so they do not need to be able to sustain a high FPS. XBox and PS2 use a FPS limit of 60 (for the PS2) and 80 (for the XBox). If your more into games that LOOK smoother because of 64 bit texture blending and a second generation antilaising, then XBox and PS2 are the systems that would please you the most, but if you want a stronger system that can take more damage and still produce wonderful 48 bit color (only Nvidia's Geforce 6800 GT/Ultra/Regular can produce that as of this day) and create more brilliant graphics than anyother system (except for a computer with the Nvidia Geforce 6800 ) then you should have a GameCube!

Hope that gets everything straightened out!

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