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i know how you feel. i take it your a guy too? well i dont really have the probelm with girls, its with guys to be honest or really anyone. I find it hard to make eye contact with anyone. What I think you should try is what I did, just get with poeple who you on with; dont look for people excatly the same as you. It's what I did about a year ago this week and its helped.

What I did was I went to a new table at lunch and I got along with a bunch of new people, most of opposites to me but we get along.

Another thing mabey is try and get used to looking at yourself in the mirror. Mabey when you are alone at home, start to have a converstation with yourself in the mirror or do a speech. I do speech and drama and it helped alot!

Im here if you need me anyway!

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