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Originally Posted by koler
me being an ass hole has nothing to do with being a mod mind you. I'm just an asshole to people, if I wasnt a mod I would still be an asshole, I don't like stupid people that scan what other people posted and still ask am I ok. I gave a stight simple answer to his question, and he asked about it, as if it were conrfusing. you are right though, I'm much more rude to people in the puberty forum
Then you shouldn't be a fucking mod of the puberty fourm
As moderator of this fourm it is YOUR JOB to take the moral high ground
He hasen't provoked you
He asked a simple question and you were and still are being a fucking prick
You have NO RIGHT to act like that espically when you are not only a senior member but also VT staff
Your answer was not straight and simple it was rude and condasending!
and when he politley asked you to explain your arrogant respond you were a total prick to him AGAIN

Originally Posted by koler
but really, thats were all the newer members reside, and many tend to piss me off. I give stright answers to peoples problems there not tainted or stupid.
Yes you are right that is where the majority of the new members reside some of them stay there others branch out to the site and become great friends and members.
Wow rude and incompitent your "straight answers" are extremly arrogant, they don't answer the question at all and you're not being the slightest bit of help not to mention your actions could very likley be scaring away potential long term members.

Originally Posted by koler
and I'll be rude to whomever, regardless of weather or not I'm a mod. you will note that on my site, I'm not really rude to anybody becasue they all have commen sence, therefor, that just about proves it has nothing to do with any power I have.
HE WAS ASKING A QUESTION! Theres no such thing as a stupid question ever! NOBODY should be made to feel ashamed of asking a question EVER! How the fuck else are we supposed to learn? hmmm answer me that! Jesus you asswipe!
Yes this is because of your position
I know that because befor you became a mod you were nice to EVERYONE
Not to mention you were kissing the shit out of josh's ass
I mean you even did that "a loyal member" bullcrap
JESUS where the fuck do you get off posting all those dam rules on being a mod and then doing thios
you self rigous fuck!!!!

I do NOT give a flying fuck about your god dam sight
We are not on nor talking about that abortion of a site
We are talking about VirtualTeen

Originally Posted by koler
In fact, I'm fed up with people criticing my work, if vt doesnt want me to be a mod, then I as josh or 777 to take away my modship, I don't want it anymore if people are gonna be so damned whinny aobut how I do things.
You idiot! Your a mod which makes you a leader
a leader is not fit to judge him or herself
your judged by others
and you are being a prick!

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