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Default Re: PC specs

Originally Posted by xbox360922 View Post
Yeah, though I bought mine while they were still up at $200.
I need to get another, this one is getting fairly cramped.
wow, it'll take me years of movies to fill up a TB drive

Desktop *recently upgraded):
Intel Petium Dual-Core E5200 overclocket to 3.4GHz
4GB of Ram
Gigabyte G31 motherboard w/ integrated graphics
Western Digital 160GB drive (about 20GB left so i need a new drive)
Samsung SyncMaster 930b 19" LCD
Old 350 Watt PSU (it was high end 5 years ago)

I would get a better video card but I need a bigger PSU and just don't feel like spending $75 for one on top of a $150 GPU

AMD Turion X2 1.9GHz
2GB of RAM
Integrated Geforce 6150
Xubuntu 9.04
16GB Flash Drive (No hard drive)
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