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A) Kolte hun darling
stop being a prick, i've been watching you
and your letting this whole mod crap go to your head
your beaning a fucking ass
acting like you're better then everyone
quite frankly its annoying
so stop it

B) Dude I don't know about you
but when I jab my balls
it hurts to
I personally don't think theres anything wrong with you (i'm not a doctor though and this is online so...yea)

Okay the epididymis (tube) comes down and connects to the testicle right you know that. BUT it dosen't connect straight to the top, it wraps around one side buldging out slightly and then continues down to the bottom basically
Now that could easily be what you're feeling
If it is then there's nothing wrong with you
you're perfeclty healthy
If its something else or if its constsntly hurting like for days without being poked, proded or hit then you should have it checked out
If it just aches for a short period of time
then goes away I wouldnt worry about it
That happens to me
and i'm fine

I know that you don't want to hear this and personally I don't blaim you
But if you're really scared then go to a doctor
if nothing else it would put your mind at ease
your parents dont even need to know why ur going
and as for your a doc nuthin they havent seen before.
If you still have a real problem doing that then talk to your dad, older bro, sis or best (male) friend

Oh and
I don't like your name
your NOT a loser hun
you kick ass
no worrys


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