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Okay I realise that nobody cares
But I don't know who to vote for now

Harper just severly pissed me off

He wants to get RID OF gay marrige and he dosen't really care that Quebec wants to leave

I do NOT agree with either of those at ALL!

I love all the other crap he's "promising"

As for the Liberals
I dont like the way the goverment is now and the liberals have been in office for 12yrs so thats...there fault
and there new handgun plan sucks
and i dont like how there pissing america off

there the ones that pushed gay marrige through which I think is right
and Martins FURIOUS that Quebec is trying to leave
and he will NOT let it happen

The NDP are out of the question
They destroyed British Columbia's economy
The conservatives saved it

and the bloc....over my cold dead corps
they want to rip canada into shreds and turn quebec into its own country
french nazi's

and the green party is so small that its just a wasted vote

I might not get to do this again till like 24-25
so I don't wanna muck it up

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