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Exclamation Computer Problems Explained and Maintenance to Help Them

Well, its a 'duh'... We all own computers and we know that they get slower sometimes I have some suggestions and advice that will help your computer and fix many problems that you have But first, I will tell you all what threats are and what they do to your computer!
-Computer Viruses, Worms, and Trojans-
One of the biggest issues that people have is getting viruses from the internet! Viruses slow the system down dramatically! They can do things like close processes and shut the computer down automatically! This gets EXTREMELY annoying!

There are related things that can do the same and send data out to other computers or even open a sub-net back door which allows hackers to gain access of the computer fairly easily! These are called Worms and Trojans. And yes, they are all illegal.

-Spyware, Adware, and Malware-
These little annoyances come from programs that you have installed. This is very unfortunate because it is completely legal to install spyware Ya know those little messages that say stuff about privacy and what not, and you have to agree to it to install the program? Well sometimes (NOT ALL THE TIME) there is a message saying a vague description about what a program will do! When you agree to the terms, then it is completely legal for the program to install whatever was stated

+Spyware is software that actually tracks whatever you do on your computer and sends it to servers all around the world! Half the time it is just an honest survey about how many times you use a certain program, and the other half of the time it is just to invade your privacy and to possibly gain the 'black mail' advantage over someone! Either one it is, they both are still BIG resource hogs and slow the system down.

+Adware is software that starts up by itself and can pop up ads without you even going to a site!!! These programs are sooo annoying because you don't even have to be connected to the internet for them to pop up an ad! Adware tries to lure people to buy products and won't go away until you buy a product and then they might stay to annoy you further. It is a big hassle and a resource hog so it slows the computer down and it gets in the way of stuff that you try to do.

+Malware is more like a virus than a little threat! It uses nearly all of the processing power to do a simple task, like install a BHO or hide a folder, and the system can't help but to use this program to do a certain task because it embeds itself into a system *.dll *.ini *.ocm or *.inf file and says that it is assigned to do so... This also infects registries of Windows. It is a BIG resource hog and can corrupt systems if more malware is installed with existing malware!

-Browser Hijackers and Bad BHOs-
These are NOT programs (no, a file does not have to be a program to wreak havoc!) These are files that strictly mess with your internet browsing!

+Browser Hijackers are not even files! They are rather a website protocol that changes your homepage, your favorites, and/or your search engine that you use (possibly more!) These are not a resource hog but they can lead to sites that try to upload spyware or adware to your computer! It's also very annoying when they ruin all your favorites and search engines set up

+Bad BHOs are simply as stated; they are bad BHOs (browser helper object - a file that tells what something should do!) BHOs are usually in the form of tool bars for your web browser, but they do not have to be. They can be hidden as a protocol scanner (even though they are not.) BHOs make your web browser slower when its loading up and when you are surfing the net! But remember, not all BHOs are bad.
  • ~*Summary Comment*~
These are most of the treats out there, though there are more! These other threats are very little things like hacking tools, joke programs, and vulnerabilities that systems have There is no reason to fear these so I won't give detailed descriptions about it. Besides, the maintenance I am about to explain will still catch these and fix them!
  • Computer Maintenance and Fixing
-Fixing Viruses and Most Other Threats-
I recommend getting an anti-virus program that is up to date (2005) and that has an update feature. There is a free version of McAfee AntiVirus that you can download, but I like Norton AntiVirus 2005 much better (but it costs money).

-Fixing Spyware, Adware, Malware and Others-
There are 2 great programs for this and they are both free! Spybot Search & Destroy and Ad-Aware are 2 spyware and adware removal programs (click the names for information.) Spybot Search & Destroy has much more features than Ad-Aware (in advanced mode: beta updates, track removals, system internal fixing, and BHO/ActiveX maintenance are just a FEW things and there's much more) BUT Ad-Aware can also remove the traces of spyware and adware along with deep registries!

- Click here to download Spybot Search & Destroy! - [v1.4] (Indirect Download)

- Click here to download Ad-Aware! - [v1.06se] (Indirect Download)

*Install them and update them! They will both have free update features so after they are installed and configured to your liking, DO AN UPDATE FOR EACH ONE! After that, run the programs (Spybot Search & Destroy will warn you about some things but just check the box and press OK)

First do a scan with Spybot Search & Destroy, fix the problems after the scan is finished (it might not fix all of the problems because a lot of the time there is a file in memory and it cannot be dealt with until the file's process is terminated [for experts only]), then go to the recovery and select everything and purge all of the recoveries (not needed but it saves space). Next, go to the immunize button and make your system immune to bad downloads (I recommend blocking problems silently if you see that option). Then exit Spybot and scan your system with Ad-Aware and remove all the treats after the scan is finished!

-Keeping Your System Clean-
I do not mean get out the feather dusters by this I mean stay away from bad downloads!!!
Spybot Search & Destroy can immunize the system from bad downloads pretty well, but there is a program that is specifically made for blocking bad downloads! This is the program: Spyware Blaster (click for information)

Spyware Blaster blocks bad downloads by simply writing a protocol to block certain sites that are SPECIFICALLY just bad things (not naughty things, but just threats.) It can do this for Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, FireFox, and any other browser that runs off of the basis of Internet Explorer (such as MSN Explorer.) Spyware Blaster can also block hijackers by taking 'snap shots' of the system's settings and blocking access to change the homepage! There are a lot of more settings that can help your system out!

- Click here to download Spyware Blaster - [v3.5.1] (Indirect Download)

Download Spyware Blaster and install it. Then do an update on it. Next, simply click 'Enable All Protection' that is located near the bottom. Then close the program. Spyware Blaster does NOT have to stay open to block threat downloads from your computer!!!
  • ***CLOSING***
That's all! You're done! Just remember to update every program at least once a week! I recommend that you do a scan on Spybot Search & Destroy and Ad-Aware once every month (at least 3 times if you want to be safe!)
...That pretty much covers all of it, all those programs will help your computer a lot! BUT do your part and be smart! Porn sites usually try to give you these bad things!!! And some programs that install treats without you knowing are as follows: Smiley Central, Kazaa, Precision Time, CoolWWWSearch, Hot Bar. Those are only a few! They are definitely not all, so again, please be smart and don't go downloading everything that you can!

I have translated this formatted version into a plain-text version for convenience sake. It has all links shown instead of embedded in the text. You can download this file and read it on any operating system - this way you can use it as a reference when you need it. The attachment is under all this content and is downloadable to registered users!

That's all that I got! I hope that this thread will help you all and your computers!

*Note: I am not responsible for anything that happens to your computer(s) from installing or downloading these programs.
*This is because I have not made these programs, and I am not hosting them either. I am, however, strongly advocating their use.
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