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I think that the whole purpose of this thread was probably to see wether this would eventuate. Also there's an answer to basically every question made on this forum. Such as the argument of His perfection and the question of wether He really does exsist. Basically no, we (that is to say, Christians) don't know anything for certain, we just feel inside ourselves that this is the right conclusion to draw (or at least i do, no mean to do draw a stereotype), that there IS a supreme power (whatever form yours may take) and all of the associated beliefs that come with your choice of deity come with that. So no, we don't really know anything for certain...but, seeing as there is always a margin for error in human study, noone else can be sure that what they state is right either. E.g We don't know for certain that God created the universe in seven days, but equally, (if you don't believe that) you have no way of knowing for certain he didn't. Forgive me if i missed something important, reading 46 pages of text is a bit much for me >.<.

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