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Originally Posted by IfPiratesCouldFly View Post
What I'm saying is, God is said to be 'perfect' however perfection is impossible to achieve, and perfection isn't "Good" or "Bad"

Perfect -
entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings
Your argument contradicts itself. Your definition of perfection disallows for "bad", yet you then say that if god is perfect, he is bad also. With omnipotence, yes, he would have the power to be bad, Satan, good, etc... . However, when you say he is perfect using your definition, then although he could be bad, your definition disallows it, thus he cannot be bad yet you then say he is... .

Of course, this assumes you aren't using a different definition of "bad" and "good" which would deviate from traditionally-accepted ones. If you do have your own different definitions for them, then please share them.

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