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Originally Posted by Lost_and_fallen
Seditawi, you're a christian yes? Can I just ask why you visit this site?
You said no true christian is unhappy with their life but the majority of people here are unhappy with their lives. That's why they come here.
I may have this all wrong as I only just read this thread but I was just wondering....
I come here, because I enjoy comunication, in the other parts of this place. This is just one of the areas that make me fustrated.

Just because I am a Christian, doesn't mean I'm not allowed to have fun and post things here or there, I'm not only a member of this forum but of at least 6 others, I own 4 different websites, Help in the creation of 1, and listen to music, but those things are meager commpared to the enjoyment that I will get from heaven.

Like I said its a leap of faith in whatever religion, or whatever you belive. No one was there when the earth was created, so we don't have written history. So we can't state for "fact" that it was one way. we can only hypothesise. But If there is no life after death, (such as evelution state) what have I lost from being a christian, I'm happy. But if there is a life after death in heaven (as in Chritianity) I will be there with my Lord, with a better life than on the earth. Its all what you want to believe in, me I would rather believe where there is hope.
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