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Then your a fucking asswipe
thats my opinion and i'm sticking to it

A guy hitting a guy is one thing
I don't give a fuck about skin color
if a girl hits a girl fuck have at it
but dude speaking out of an average girls are not as strong as guys
its not sexist
its a biological fact and to say that thats sexist is like saying that its sexist to say men can't have periods
its incompitent!

A guy hitting a girl IS ALLOT WORSE then a guy hitting another guy

and I have zero problem fighting you about that
because i'm right
its wrong
plain and simple
Just like it is completly unacceptable to attack a kid
I know that because I was beatten for four fucking years
My mum was beatten every day when she was a kid by her dad
and I knew a girl that was killed when her dad beat her to death

any guy that hits a girl or child makes him a pathedic coward!
to weak to control himself even at a basic level!
and to scared to fight someone his own size!!
Not worth of pitty nor empathy


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