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ia every1 here a femenist? i mean u make hitting a girl actually worse than hitting a man! its the same thats called sexism some people think that if a white man hits a black man thats a hate crime but vise versa is ok..bullshit thats racism some girls kick ass i mean u ever seen like a ... bowflex comercial there BUFF! they have more of a six pack then most men so thats bullshit i dont really wanna argue but thats my opinion hitting a girl is no less wrong than hitting a man really all violence is wrong but that will never stop violence is nature but that is pretty much sexism i believe that women should be = to men treated the same paid the same amount and no more ladies 1st shit and its just as bad as hitting a man its = to hitting a woman if women wanna be treated the same (which i do belive in) it shouldnt have to be a bigger deal when they get hit then if we get hit thats my opinoin and im stickin to it

I Believe that vt is the best place for teens to post about there day or any problems and get great advice back
I belive that all should be treated equal
black same white
female same male
gay same straight
i believe that women should allowed to be president and have the same pay as any man
i believe that racism,sexism, and sectionalism shall never be abolished
i believe that terrorism shall only fall when violence has been destroyed
i believe anything that destoys destroys its self over time
i believe that all shall give respect even if u get no respect back
i believe hate nor emotions of love shall be held in longer than they must
i believe no religion is right untill the true answer is known
i believe im done
please pm me ur opinion on this speech
\"ill try\" says skywalker \"do or do not there is not try\" says yoda
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