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Personally in all honesty it sounds like they both severly fucked up
but her cheating on him did not give him the right to hit her
hitting a girl for any reason is unnaceptable
the only time i'd ever attack a girl is if she threatened to kill me (like was pointing a gun at me, etc..) or harm my child
cause...i'd take that personally

But anything less then that
you dont ever harm even a hair on a girls head EVER

See if I was her I wouldnt be able to trust that he wouldnt hurt me again next time i pissed him off
I mean he can say he wont but actions speak louder then words

and if i was him....I dont handle betrayal well
so personally i'd want nuthin to do with her
because I have no idea how many people shes cheated on me with
if she'll keep doing it
if she even cares about me or if i'm nuthing but a toy
a dude that buys her shit
no i would leave her
but thats me

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