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thanks boht of you i know what your saying.

just to let you know, my group of friends are realy the only ones who understand me and care about me. and they are a mix of all three and then there are the ones of each who i aint friends with::
the popular ones are total whores and 2 faced bitches

the stoners wouldnt understand me becouse of well im doing honours in 9/10 subjects and the stoners in my school are not one bit intelligent at all, they see me as a total nerd

the skaters well the skaters hate me. they dont agree with my taste in music. one has held a gruge against me since the second week of september becouse i liked mcr, then he found out i liked funeral for a friend (another band for those who dont know) and he went ballistic.

to add to that, i dont want to be attacted to a group. An example of this is one girl who seems ok but she kinda mixes with the messers, the stoners and the populars. one or two of her teachers at the PT meetings said "she hangs around with scum". so erm na.

my friends are good to me. we have a laugh about stuff, heck 2 of them are Bi anyway, but they are girls so a bi girl= hot in many peoples eyes.

it blows

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