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I'm sayin, this is just me, if people are acting like that, its a good chance they know you are in the closet. I mean, when some people call you gay, its just to piss you off, but I wouldnt doubt that some people really thought you were gay. God I wish I was still in public school, better yet, any of yalls schools were you were being made fun of. I used to kick ass in shchool man. Nobody called me gay, never. They might have called me a name or two, but nothing more. you know why. I had my group of friends that would never judge me and would allways be there for me. And they were the ones that I hung out with everyday. I also Had a group of friends in the stoner area. All the stoners were my friends, I could hang out with them when ever, and then I had a group of friends in the EXtreamly popular strong joke guys. I didnt hang out with them much, but somtimes they would come over and hang with my group. but that gave me protection. I could talk as much shit as I wanted when people were fucking with me, but I had like, so many friends backing me up that I didnt worry about getting beat up. Thats what you gott do james. You have to make more friends. Talk to people that are popular, stoners, skaters, etc. Don't feel bound to a group of people your not even sure are your true friends. Go out into the world that is your school, and talk to different people, show them how great and how nice and how cool you really are. when you don't talk to people, they will make up threw rumors etc. what They want to think about you. so do yourself a favour and make some friends hun, its for the best.

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