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Originally Posted by lesher View Post
Agreed about this question too.

But... Is it only Christian who only use these commandments? How about other religion? Do they allow their brethren to kill people?
Various religions have their own philosophies. I'm sure others have along the same lines. For example, LaVeyan Satanism has its own several rules, some of which are along the lines of the 10 Commandments.

Originally Posted by IfPiratesCouldFly View Post
He is also omnibenevolent and omnimalevolent, which means he could be good or terrible, good and evil.
However, God is said to be the image opposing Evil, which is Satan, but if God can be Evil, he could be more so evil than even Satan. He can BE Satan. He's omnipotent.
He also has the ability to simply not exist.
Being omnibenevolent and omni malovent makes little sense for one being to be both. It's akin to saying "that tree is all oranges and all bananas". You cannot have both in one.

True, god theoretically could be worse than satan is.

If he killed himself now, then he'd exist in history, however, if he killed himself prior to his existence, or somehow killed whatever thing(s) may have made him, then he would have never existed. Somehow he always existed, therefore, killing himself at any point in time will render him existing in history, hence he will have existed.

Originally Posted by IfPiratesCouldFly View Post
Also, to be perfect, you'd have to exceed everyone in every aspect possible, but to do that you'd have to have DONE everything too, meaning you'd have to be imperfect, and NOT exceed everyone, but him being imperfect would actually nullify the perfection, thereby proving that God is NOT perfect.
Being perfect would imply not failing, yet you're saying to be perfect, then you have to fail... . I'm not following you on this.

Originally Posted by sorrowsingssoftly View Post
He might not have forgiven me, and He would've been right to do so. But, I never would've forgiven myself either if I had let that insult go unchallenged.
So you'd have never forgiven yourself is you did indeed kill someone with an opposing view? You're breaking plenty of biblical passages, such as to love everyone, not to judge, not to kill, etc... .

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