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Okay i'm 18yrs old
I've been through a hell of allot of shit
and I have NEVER hit a girl EVER
do you know why? because its fucking wrong!
Were bigger, were stronger, our pain tolerence is higher and our bodies even our brains evolved to take allot more blows then a girls can befor serious damage is caused
Its a fact, evolution

Have I ever been severly pissed? hell yea!! I've been furious to the point where I would be vibrating uncontrolably, i'd start crying, i'd get tunnel vision, I'd have so much adrenaline pumping through my body it felt like my veins were on fire, I didn't give a fuck if I got cut or punched or fell or w/e cause I couldnt feel the pain just the hatred, it would rush over me like a fucking wave.
Thats probably why i've gotten hurt so many times because when I used to get mad I would do some really reckles shit
I didnt care
The pain didn't phase me

But I NEVER hit a girl
and I NEVER thought about hitting my mum, shes hit and thrown heavy shit at me many times when I was young (usually she was drunk)
And I never got into a serious fight with my sisters
we would rough house all the time
but never punched
and Katie is the closest out of the 2 to my age, shes 3yrs older
So befor I hit puberty she was bigger, stronger and faster then me
I still never punched her or anything like that

When my dad was a lil older then me one of his friends bitch slapped a girl
My dad broke his nose and through him threw a window befor calling the police
you do NOT hit girls

I garuntee you that if I had seen him do that
Or if I see anyone do that period
I'll have them down befor they knew what hit'em
and if they get up again they'll need an ambulance to get up a second time

Hitting girls
Is unnaceptable
plain and simple

Now he was NOT drunk because not only does his memory seem to be perfect
But at the time he seemed to be able to talk fine and obivously his balance was perfect
I don't know about you but when i'm drunk
I have a hell of a hard time just walking straight
Never mind doing all the things he so easily did that night
He wasent drunk

So you know what
Fuck him
she should leave his ass
espically since he feels no remorse
and if I was her i'd have called the cops at the time and pressed charges aswell

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