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Jeeze, I think some people are forgetting, this topic isn't a debate whether it's right to hit girls. It isn't right to. No further argument.

He shouldn't of hit her. He did. End of discussion. But we don't have to get so angry at the guy like he's some kind of worthless piece of shit just because he lost his cool...

To be dead honest, I've wanted to hit my mom so bad once, she was being such a bitch and so unfair. I started getting so angry. Tears of rage started rolling down my face because the anger kept bubbling up like the fizz in a pop bottle-until, boom, there goes the lid... She kept nagging, I clenched my fist and punched the fridge breaking it and my hand. That was just horomones alone. No alcohal involved. I lost my cool and was going to do the unthinkable.

Sometimes it's harder than you think to keep your morals. You may think that it's a load of bullognae now, but, when that moment comes you can hardly control it. And it's so much easier to give in. So much more satisfying.

I'm not saying that was the case here, hell, maybe sid-vicious is going to be a rampant woman beater, that's not my place to say. But it is my place to say, it happens. And, just because someone loses their cool it doesn't mean they're some kind of chav slime ball(again, maybe Sid doesn't care that he hit her).

And, don't even think that I'm trying to dig my way out of a hole... What hole? There is no hole. Seriously, don't flatter yourself. I don't respect you nearly enough to go out of my way to try and get on your good side

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