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"the world isn't perfect, He is, We're not"

I'll say it again,

If God is Omnipotent, he MUST be capable of being imperfect.
Also, if God made us with free will, he certainly has free will too, and that is what, in fact, makes us imperfect.
Therefore, he cannot be perfect.

He is also omnibenevolent and omnimalevolent, which means he could be good or terrible, good and evil.
However, God is said to be the image opposing Evil, which is Satan, but if God can be Evil, he could be more so evil than even Satan. He can BE Satan. He's omnipotent.
He also has the ability to simply not exist.

Also, to be perfect, you'd have to exceed everyone in every aspect possible, but to do that you'd have to have DONE everything too, meaning you'd have to be imperfect, and NOT exceed everyone, but him being imperfect would actually nullify the perfection, thereby proving that God is NOT perfect.
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